couchcane with chair


Many individuals aging in place and more may have a difficult time standing up from a seated position on a couch.  Fortunately, there are products like the CouchCane to help with this task.  The CouchCane provides extra stability while sitting or standing from a couch or chair with its versatile and practical design.

couchcane with chair

Here’s more from Stander’s website:

“The CouchCane is compatible with most four-legged chairs, sofas, couches, lift chairs, and recliners. Place the front and rear legs on either side of the base pads to hold the handle in place. The CouchCane is not intended for free-standing use.”

The large support handle allows for an easy and comfortable two-handed grip to pull yourself from a sitting to a standing position. It can support up to 250 pounds.

Overview of CouchCane:

  • Avoid dangerous falls while sitting or standing from your favorite chair by using the CouchCane for balance and support
  • The 4-pocket saddle bag hangs from the CouchCane handle and provides convenient storage for small items like TV remotes and cell phones
  • Dual-sized rubber base pads can go on either side of the chair and adjust to fit the distance between the front and back legs of your chair
  • Adjust the height of the handle from 34″-40″ to fit your preference and provide optimal leverage to stand. The base pads adjust in depth from 20″-36″

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