Inclusive Language: Putting the Person First

Imagine that you have a disability.  You also think of yourself as an artist, a brother, a pizza lover, and a table tennis champion.  Your disability does not define who you are.  Unfortunately, labels are often placed on people with disabilities and they can carry negative connotations.  Saying that someone is “handicapped” immediately lumps them […]

Communicating with Assistive Technology

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices can help individuals find the right words for everyday situations.  According to the AAC Institute, approximately 2.5 million Americans have some kind of speech disability that prevents them from being easily understood by others.  AAC equipment breaks down the communication barriers!

Google Introduces Automatic Captions for YouTube

Google Video and YouTube were first equipped with captions and subtitles back in September of 2006.  Although this was a big leap toward accessibility, there were still many flaws to be sorted out.  On November 19, Google’s official blog revealed that they now offer automatic captions, or auto-caps.  Google implements a technology called automatic speech recognition […]

Intel Reader: Giving Independence to Print-Disabled

Exciting news for people who have difficulty reading regular print!  Assistive technology leader HumanWare recently signed on to distribute the Intel Reader.  This lightweight device records print, converts it to digital text, and then reads it aloud.  It has all the power of a computer and scanner, yet can fit easily in a purse or […]

Holiday Gifts for Artists with Different Needs

I was doing some online holiday shopping for my family and friends at the BLICK Art Materials web site today when I noticed the “special needs” section. BLICK Art Materials offers: grips for pencils or other writing utensils self-opening, long loops and easy to grip scissors Crayola large, jumbo and triangular crayons these really cool […]

Assistive Technology and Autism Training, November 19

125 people registered to attend the Assistive Technology and Autism training on November 19.  It was a free training held at Easter Seals Crossroads for anyone interested in learning more about assistive technology devices for people of all ages with autism. Our guest speakers were: Scott Fogo, Director of Autism Services Andrew Goff, Assistive Technology […]