Autism / DTT Colors by Dr. Brown

Dr. Gary Brown has over 40 years of clinical experience as a licensed psychologist specializing in autism.  He maintains a research program exploring the causes of autism and has applied his “knowledge to the development of apps for children with special needs.”  One app out of a series is called Autism / DTT Colors by […]

Skill Champ: Customized education for your child with autism

With so many resources available for individuals with special needs, it can be challenging to find the right ones for you or your child.  This is especially true for individuals with autism, as no two people with autism are alike.  Infiniteach Inc. is an autism innovation company founded “to change the way we approach autism […]

5 Fun Turkey Day Apps for the Kiddos!

Happy Thanksgiving, all! For many, Thanksgiving is the only day of the year all loved ones are able to gather and give thanks.  However, for many individuals with autism or other special needs, social gatherings can trigger a lot of stress and anxiety.  To reduce the risk of breakdowns, I thought I’d provide a festive list of […]

Language Builder from Stages App

Language Builder Picture Cards is a top-selling curriculum tool for autism.  The developers behind this tool also offer Language Builder, an app featuring six core autism educational activities.  The app is professionally designed and used by therapists, teachers, and parents to teach basic language skills to children with autism, speech-language delay or special needs. The […]

uChoose helps children be prepared for everyday situations

InteractAble was developed in 2012 by Allison D’Eugenio and Jane Rapaport, who has been a special needs educator for more than two decades.  Throughout her years working with students with special needs, Rapaport noticed there wasn’t a “truly effective way of helping students internalize social skills lessons.”  Thus, Rapaport and D’Eugenio launched InteractAble and soon released […]

Claria Zoom app for Android

Individuals who have macular degeneration, glaucoma, etc., commonly experience low vision.  Smartphones offer a myriad of benefits to their users, but individuals with visual impairments may be limited to its functions.  Claria Zoom is an award-winning app making these smartphones more accessible and easier-to-read for individuals with low vision. Claria Zoom is an Android app with a large character […]