c-pen reader 2 laying on desk

C-Pen Reader 2

I wrote about the original C-Pen Reader several years ago.  Now there is a new and improved version: C-Pen Reader 2!  C-Pen Reader 2 is the next generation of assistive reading tools designed to put even more control into the user’s hands.   Here’s more from the developer’s website: “Literacy is powerful and unlocks a world […]

photo of puck

Control all of your devices with PUCKmed

SmashToast is a company dedicated to developing hardware and software that help people.  They strive to develop products that “make lives better using simplicity, elegance, intuition, and technology.”  Their product, PUCKmed, is a device that can control infrared devices (e.g. televisions, air conditioners, space heaters, etc.) PUCKmed is designed specifically for individuals with physical disabilities.  With […]

smartmicro microwave fire prevention sensor

SmartMicro – Microwave Fire Prevention Sensor

As I wrote yesterday, kitchen fires are the number one cause of home fires.  While they can begin on the stove, they can also start in a microwave.  Luckily, there are products like SmartMicro to help eliminate fires.   Microwave ovens left unattended regularly cause build evacuations.  Did you know U.S. fire departments respond to more […]

ring car cam on dashboard

Ring Car Cam

Over the years, I’ve written about several different Ring devices to help keep your home secure.  Now the company has released a camera for your car: introducing Ring Car Cam! Ring Car Cam is a dash camera featuring two wide-angle cameras with Night Vision.  One camera faces the road to capture detailed driving footage and […]

Cough Drop symbols and pictures

CoughDrop App Frees Voices

CoughDrop founder Brian Whitmer found inspiration for the augmentative and alternative communication app (AAC) from his daughter. Due to Rett Syndrome, she is nonverbal, but as she grew older, Whitmer noticed she seemed “locked in” and eager to let her voice out. CoughDrop gives her and so many others the freedom to express themselves. CoughDrop […]

talking thermostat vt3000

SmartWay Solutions Talking Thermostat VT3000

SmartWay Solutions has been manufacturing “inventive quality” residential thermostats and HVAC monitors since 1995.  One of their available products is the Talking Thermostat VT3000. The Talking Thermostat VT3000 is a battery-powered digital thermostat for controlling single and multi-stage heating and cooling systems.  Its unique audio playback assists users in setting up and maintaining precise indoor […]