NEW SuperTalker FT

AbleNet Inc. offers a variety of resources and assistive technologies.  One of their most recent products is the new SuperTalker FT. The new SuperTalker FT includes “four interchangeable keyguards that can be used to create a communication device with one, two, four, or eight message locations.”  It utilizes a Feather Touch technology to activate.  This […]

Store your meds on your phone with new PopGrip Stash!

Yesterday I wrote about a few different car phone mounts that are disability-friendly.  The mounts I have had the most luck with are ones requiring a PopGrip on the back of your phone.  The Popsocket company now offers a new type of convenient product: introducing the PopGrip Stash! Before diving into the details of the […]

3 Disability-Friendly Car Phone Mounts

Since I began driving, I have tried a few phone mounts in my van.  Unfortunately, a majority of them require strength and good dexterity to secure and remove the phone from the mount.  If you are looking for a more disability-friendly mount for your phone, keep on reading! Before diving into a few accessible mounts, […]

ClearMask – See the person, not the mask!

What a surreal year 2020 has been so far!  I never thought I’d miss something as simple as sitting in a restaurant or going shopping at the mall.  Anywhere you go, you see individuals covering their faces with medical and handmade masks.  Prior to seeing everyone in masks, I had no idea how much I relied on […]

Cleaning Your Assistive Technology Devices

Cleaning is more important now than ever before as we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many people are keeping quarantined at home, it’s virtually impossible to avoid having to run errands — unless you have some kind of fallout shelter stocked up with food and supplies! Think of all the bacteria you pick […]

LumiPets Nightlight

Looking for a nightlight for your child?  LumieWorld is a company on a mission to “bring the world of illumination to children and parents.”  One of their adorable products is the LumiPets nightlight!  This is not your ordinary nightlight, though.  Keep on reading to learn more. LumiPets are the most “technologically innovative, kid and parent […]