Encourage speaking and more with the Learn My World app

Learn My World is a unique flashcard-type application that helps teach early learners new words and phrases by using photos of objects familiar to that child.  It’s as simple as snapping a photo of a friendly face or item that your child is familiar with and recording the name of person or item! While using the app, children can zoom […]

5 Halloween Apps for Your Kiddos!

Witches, monsters, and ghosts—oh my!  It’s that time of year again, the time children carve silly faces into pumpkins and play pretend in their favorite costumes.  With autumn now in full swing, many children love participating in the spooktacular activities of the holiday.  When children aren’t carving pumpkins or trick-or-treating, they’re likely wanting to play on a smartphone or tablet.  In […]

DotToDot: Have fun learning numbers & letters by tracing dots!

The cool autumn air always reminds me of one of my most favorite childhood activities: coloring!  I remember my younger sister and I coming home after school, drinking hot apple cider and eating warm kettle corn.  Upon finishing our after school snack, we’d rush outside and sit on the crisp, colorful leaves and begin coloring in our favorite […]

Alex Learns to Sort!

“If you want your children to start adopting certain habits such as tidying their room or putting their slippers away, they must first learn which is the right place to store those objects.  Once the children have acquired this knowledge, we will be able to assign them small responsibilities.”  Such skills can be learned through the […]

Tinitell Wristphone for Children

In today’s highly-connected world, several parents provide their children with expensive smartphones so they, too, can become connected.  However, some parents are reluctant to give their children these smartphones.  Now there is a wearable, durable and affordable mobile phone for children: Tinitell. In sum, the Tinitell is the smallest mobile phone in the world designed especially for […]

New Accessibility Features in iOS 9

In previous posts, we’ve covered several accessibility features available on Apple devices.  As evidenced by the iOS 7 update to the gargantuan release of Yosemite, Apple continues to refine each user’s experience with every update.  Within the past month, Apple released its newest update for their iOS devices: iOS 9.  The update offers new built-in apps, faster performance, improved security, new multi-tasking […]