Standing Alone

One company has taken the “chair” out of wheelchair and made it possible for paraplegics to stand and move around using a robot-like structure to help stabilize their bodies. Developed by AMS Mekatronic, a company that develops mobilization devices for physically disabled people, Tek Robotic Mobilization Device helps a person who has lost mobility in […]

Telecare system keeps residents safe

While caregivers are wonderful resources to have on hand, some individuals who need them may not need their services on a 24-hour basis. Telecare systems, such as Rest Assured, allow people living with disabilities to achieve a sense of independence while at the same time maintaining their privacy and having help at the touch of […]

Headphones for Children with Autism

Headphones can do more than just provide a fun and convenient way to listen to music. In the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and even for those who have certain sensitivities to noises and sounds, headphones can be a necessity to coping with the world around them. In fact, noise reduction headphones allow some children […]

“Run and Roll”: One woman’s adventures coaching a wheelchair tennis team

Her mom is always telling her that she has come full circle. In many ways, Julie Fritz is fulfilling a passion that started 30 years ago when she was studying special education. She knew she wanted to work in that field somehow and about five years ago, Fritz dived head first into something a tad […]

Rest easy: remote monitoring increases independence

For some, complete independence may be difficult or worrisome for others because of health problems, a disability or mobility challenges. Now, one company’s goal is to give back a little independence lost to these folks through a monitoring system that gives its users help when they need it and independence when they don’t. Sengistix is […]

Under Control: How one company helps individuals with disabilities regain control over their lives

Many would argue that a distinctive human right would be control over his or her life and be the captain of his or her own destiny, regardless of ability. One Indiana based company is seeking to make sure that those with disabilities have a chance to exercise this right through employment opportunities. Pathfinder ControlAbility, based […]