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Product Demonstrations:

06-04-2012:Aumax S Video Magnifier

05-28-12: Reading Stand for The Ruby Handheld Magnfier 


05-14-12: Multisensory Room at Easter Seals Crossroads

05-07-12: INDATA Podcasts

04-30-12: Topaz HD CCTV

04-23-12: MiniMax Handheld Video Magnifier

04-16-12: PlexTalk Digital Text Reader

04-09-12: iOS Button Label with voiceover

04-02-12: Swacket App on the iPad

03-26-12: Blackboard Educational Software

03-19-12: My Homework iPhone App

03-12-12: Text Grabber iPhone App

03-05-12: Easy OCR from EVAS

02-27-12: Magic Wand Portable Scanner from VuPoint

02-20-12: Mobile Classroom

02-13-12: INDATA Depot Tour and Information

02-06-12: Compact 5 HD Handheld Video Magnifier

01-30-12: Kindle Accessibility Part 2

01-23-12: Kindle Accessibility Part 1

01-16-12: Keyboard Carrying Case and Solar Powered Keyboard

01-09-12:  iPads in INDATA’s Lending Loan Library by category

01-02-12: Stands and Mounts for Mobile Devices

12-26-11: Electronic Magnification Device

12-19-11: Voice Over for Those with Learning Disabilities

12-12-11: Selecting a Language in iOS Voice Over

12-05-11: Apps for the iPad and Assistive Technology

11-28-11: Grid It

11-21-11: iOS 5 Mono Audio Feature

11-14-11: iPhone Camera Accessibility

11-07-11: Drop Cam

10-31-11: Quick Access Toolbar

10-24-11: iOS Accessibility Shortcuts

10-14-11: JAWS and Solitaire

10-07-11: eType Word Prediction Software

09-30-11: iPad and Tablet Accessories

09-16-11: TM 4 Eye Tracking System

09-16-11: Lomak Keyboard

09-09-11: Low Tech Household Devices

09-02-11: Book Sense XT and DS

08-16-11: Safari Reader

08-08-11: Topaz CCTV

08-01-11: Braillant Apex

07-25-11: SmartView Versa

07-18-11: iPod Nano Tech Tip

07-11-11: HeyTell Tech Tip

06-28-11: VizWiz

06-27-11: Podcasts

05-24-11: iPad Apps for the Low Vision Population

05-24-11: Pea Pod Grocery Service

05-24-11: Ticket Taking Devices

05-17-11: External Speakers

05-12-11: Parental Controls


04-28-11: Logger Pro

04-25-11: System Access To Go

04-14-11: INDATA Depot Volunteers

04-04-11: Verbally

03-28-11: LookTel Money Reader

03-16-11: Apple Augmented Reality

03-14-11: NVDA

03-07-11: Oat Soft

02-28-11: Apple Magic Mouse

02-21-11: ZoomText ATIA

02-14-11: CAP Program

02-07-11: Daedalus

01-31-11: Satalight

01-24-11: Compusult

12-20-10: EVAS

12-13-10: ViewPlus

11-29-10: Atomic Learning

11-22-10: ModularHose

11-15-10: Humanware

10-11-10: ZoomText Keyboard


Touch Screen

Braille Sense on Hand: GW Micro

Video Magnifier/ CCTV Basics

Basic Office Chair Adjustability

Low Tech Handwriting Tools

Mounting Systems


Windows On Screen Keyboard

Adaptive Clocks and Watches

iPrompts on the iPad

Windows Start Menu

Single Switch Scanning

PocketMate Environmental

HumanTouch Chair

Accessing System Tray with Screen Reader

Screen Reader Overview

Adaptive Pointing Devices

Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred

Mobility Aids

Handwriting Aids

Pulse Pen from Livescribe

Apple Magic Mouse

Oat Soft


Apple Augmented Reality

LookTel Money Reader


INDATA Depot Volunteers

System Access To Go

ATIA Chicago, 2010:


Atomic Learning






Daedalus Technologies

CAP Program


INDATA Conference 2010:

Assistive Technology Conference Tip

Home Health Depot

Empower Learning

Saje Technology

Tobii ATI

Breaking New Ground Outreach Program

Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library

INDATA Services:

INDATA Depot Overview

Reuitilized Computers

Searching INDATA Depot

INDATA Equipment Loan Library

Like I Can

Jackie’s Story

Charisse’s Story

Nicholas’s Story

Tom’s Story

Connecting the Dots: My Assistive Technology Story

News Stories:

High Tech Tour of the Future