Sports Fund for Adapted Recreation

United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana (UPCI Foundation) provides advocacy services to adults and children with cerebral palsy. The UPCI foundation administers a DL Sports Fund. The purpose of this fund is to: “provide financial assistance for the purchase of adapted recreation and sports’ equipment for children and adults with cerebral palsy, increase public […]

Free Text-to-Speech (TSS) list compiled on UDL

Text-to-speech software and application systems are priceless to many people with various disabilities. Text-to-speech transforms any text into speech in real time. It uses speech synthesis to create the artificial production of human speech. An internal computer will look at the text on a device screen and use speech synthesis technology to figure out how […]

Exciting new changes coming with Windows 8.

After doing a bit of research about the highly anticipated Windows 8, I have drawn one clear conclusion: the designers at Microsoft were not afraid to mix accessibility and imagination. Microsoft’s new baby focuses on fluidity, ease and connectivity as it aims to transform the 25-year-old institution into software that is just as at home […]

Friday Podcast

Information from the INDATA Project is now available via podcast! Every Friday, the INDATA Project will release two podcasts featuring new assistive technology projects. The podcasts are available for viewing on the INDATA Project website and on iTunes. The “Assistive Technology Update” is a fast-paced weekly update for AT professionals and enthusiasts. The “Accessibility Minute” […]

Family Leadership Development Fund has been created by Family Voices Indiana

Are you a parent of a child with a disability and/or special health care needs? Have you wanted to participate in formal meetings, committees or a special task force and been unable to due to the financial expense of participating in those events? Family Voices Indiana has created a fund that assists parents who would […]