Easter Seals Crossroads Assistive Technology Center receives National Recognition

Two officials from the country of Mongolia will travel to Indianapolis in August to tour the Assistive Technology Center at Easter Seals Crossroads. The officials, both of whom are legally blind, will be accompanied by two U.S. State Department interpreters and will spend a day learning about facility’s resources for people with disabilities. For 75 […]

What Video Chatting Means for the Deaf Community

Last week Facebook announced another adaptation for the social networking website. Through a partnership with Skype, a free video chatting service, Facebook users will be able to video chat friends through the chat feature. Due to high demand, the plug-in isn’t available for all Facebook users yet but soon will be. It’s easy to use because […]

BrainPort Assists the Blind using Gentle Electrodes Connected to the Tongue

BrainPort specifically works best for the blind people or people who have no better than light perception. Visual information is collected from a head mounted camera; it’s user-adjustable and typically attached to a pair of sunglasses. After the visual information is collected, it travels to the base unit and is distributed to the tongue. The […]