PS4 One-Handed Custom Controller Creator

I love playing video games, but I have poor dexterity and strength overall which makes it hard to play certain games.  We have already covered the Xbox Adaptive Controller in previous blogs and Tech Tips.  However, we’ve yet to discuss anything for the PlayStation 4.  While researching the web for different accessible solutions, I came […]

PuppetMaster App

Shmonster is a software company that “focuses on educational tools that utilize art and animation.”  The company creates software that helps users animate anything.  One of their available tools is the PuppetMaster App. The PuppetMaster App is an animation application for children, where they can bring any image to life.  Users can take a picture […]

CVS Pharmacy Multi-Dose Packs

I wrote about PillPack not too long ago, which is a full-service online pharmacy that sorts your medications by days and dosages.  CVS Pharmacy has recently introduced a similar program with their multi-dose packs! With the multi-dose packs program, you’ll know exactly what you’re taking and when.  Each box contains a 30-day supply, which can […]

ATU452 – Nous with Dmitry Selitskiy

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Your weekly dose of information that keeps you up to date on the latest developments in the field of technology designed to assist people with disabilities and special needs. Show Notes: Dmitry Selitskiy – Founder and CEO of Thought-wired the makers of Nous Check out Nous: Handiplanet Story: […]