FREE Audio Books Online

Gizmo’s Freeware website provides information for individuals to gain access to 64 sites that offer free audio books.  These websites allow users to download or listen to books online free of charge. Audio books are useful for individuals with disabilities to listen to a book at their own pace.  Talking books, or audio books, were […]

Ablegamers on CNN’s Edge of Discovery

The AbleGamers Foundation’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to enjoy digital revolution that is taking place in gaming.  They are a nonprofit organization that provides video game accessibility for the disabled gamer. Recently, AbleGamers has been recognized by CNN for their work.  They will be featured on CNN’s Edge of Discovery during the […]

Assistive Technology: 5 Ways to Improve Web Accessibility

In the U.S., a report conducted by Microsoft and Forrester Technologies identified that from working age adults: Approximately 1 in 4 computer users have visual difficulty or impairment. Nearly 1 in 4 computer users have dexterity difficulty or impairment. 1 in 5 computer users have hearing difficulty or impairment. Essentially, assistive technologies provide support and […]

Conference Partnership with Indy Pit Crew and Barkalounge

INDATA was very excited to work with Indy Pit Crew and Barkalounge to build a dog park for guide and service dogs that came to the 2010 INDATA Conference last week. The INDATA Conference brings in people from all over the state of Indiana.  Some of those individuals have visual impairments, and they may have […]

Social Media and Accessibility

Technology is a rapidly changing world with each change likely to bring new accessibility issues. Work is ongoing to make sure these issues are addressed but the challenges of social networks and accessibility remain. Social media aims to deliver its message in a more innovative and engaging way rather than a leaflet or brochure. It […]