Snap&Read Universal

From childhood through adulthood, many individuals face challenges in reading.  Fortunately, there are assistive technology options available to help these individuals.  For some students, “simply hearing passages aloud is enough to understand them.  Other students need leveled text.”  The creators behind Snap&Read Universal believe that a reading accommodation should do both.  So what exactly is Snap&Read […]

Co:Writer Universal

In its simplest form, writing is recording and it comes from the human desire to communicate.  Furthermore, the best writing goes deeper and transforms an idea from the writer’s mind into words.  However, for some individuals, there is a wall between the idea and conveying it into words; this barrier is often built by grammar and spelling difficulties and as […]

Making the Cloud more Accessible with Android and Chrome

People who are Blind or have low-vision face unique challenges when using Cloud services. Google recently led a workshop to share how the company is improving the accessibility of its technologies. Some of Google’s improvements to its Android and Chrome products are listed below. You can read the full list on Google’s Official Blog. Google OS […]