Adaptive Water Skiing Program in Alabama

Summertime is synonymous with outdoor adventures and days spent soaking up rays of sunshine.  It’s the perfect time of year for outdoor water sports. Adaptive Aquatics, based in Wilsonville, AL, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the introduction, teaching and advancement of adapted water skiing for children and adults.  Annually from April to October, the organization […]

Friday Assistive Technology Podcasts

Information from the INDATA Project is now available via podcast! Every Friday, the INDATA Project will release two podcasts featuring new assistive technology projects. The podcasts are available for viewing on the INDATA Project website and on iTunes. The “Assistive Technology Update” is a fast-paced weekly update for AT professionals and enthusiasts. The “Accessibility Minute” is designed […]

iBlink Radio App for Visually Impaired with Android Phones

The free iBlink Radio app from Serotek Corporation offers radio stations, podcasts and reading services that are of special interest for the blind or visually impaired. The app was designed for the iPad or iPod Touch but is now also available for the Android Market. Community Radio is the provider for radio services on the […]

Note Teller 2 offers a way for Visually Impaired to Read Paper Money

For the visually impaired, determining paper money denominations can prove to be quite challenging but with the Note Teller 2, this task becomes much easier and convenient. The Note Teller 2 is a portable device small enough to fit into your pocket that reads money denominations for the blind, visually impaired and deaf-blind people. It […]

Chef’N Palm Peeler Offers Assistance for People with Limited Hand Motion

Let’s face it; in the kitchen most people want to prepare their food efficiently so they can enjoy it sooner. But, for people with limited hand motion, many kitchen devices pose a challenge for people because they aren’t designed with assistive technology in mind. The PalmPeeler and PalmBrush from Chef’N are exceptions to this rule. Both […]