The Hand Glider

Styluses and tablets are great in terms of making many things accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Many users have difficulty writing and drawing on tablets with their “hands in the air” (to avoid unnecessary markings on the screen.  Further, writing in such a position is unnatural, fatiguing and awkward, and may ultimately hinder an individual […]

FLOTE Tablet Stand

Studies show that holding a tablet for a long period of time may cause pain and fatigue.  In order to avoid this, many will purchase cases designed to prop their tablets, but this is very seldom an ergonomic solution.  Furthermore, tablets provide countless benefits to the world of assistive technology, but how can tablets become […]

Prodigi: Personal Vision Assistant

HumanWare provides assistive technology for individuals who are blind or visually impaired as well as students with disabilities.  Recently the company has reinvented the electronic magnifier to bring you a simpler, more portable vision and reading system.  Prodigi Duo is a 2-in-1 touch-controlled personal vision assistant which doubles as both a desktop and tablet (handheld video magnifier.)  With Prodigi, users […]

The Nest Thermostat

As the world of technology expands, many options are becoming more accessible to individuals with a myriad of disabilities. A majority of companies nowadays are equipping their new products with Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi compatibility, thus allowing individuals to personally operate switches and other devices (i.e. lights, door locks, thermostats, etc.) in their home—while being away […]

Low tech assistive technology

Many believe that technology can be overwhelming or even daunting at times because of all of the upgrades, new editions and the never-ending list of new technologies to choose from. However, not all technology has to be “high-tech.” Assistive technology in particular can be anything from a heating pad to a magnifying glass, it just […]