ATU197 – ICanConnect (Deaf Blind Equipment Program), Phorm Tactile iPad Case, Beeping Easter Eggs for Children Who Are Blind, Apple’s New Accessibility Leader Lisa Jackson, Autonomous Cars Just Around the Corner

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I Can Connect, the National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Project with Jerry Berrier and Joan Becker |

The Phorm case adds rising buttons to your iPad Mini’s keyboard

Beeping eggs help blind children join hunt

Apple puts Environment VP Lisa Jackson in charge of boosting accessibility efforts

We’re just a step away from fully autonomous self-driving cars

On the Hill with Audrey Busch


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Primo! Touchscreen Environmental Controller

Primo! is a powerful, easy-to-use, touchscreen dynamic display controller.  It can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each user and designed to give independence and reassurance for users and caregivers. According to Enablemart, “Primo! can be used as a simple system providing a limited number of functions or it can be configured to […]

Virtual Speech Center, 3 Speech and Language Apps

There are many resources available to help individuals with communication disorders, but I recently stumbled across one that offers countless language apps.  Virtual Speech Center Inc. was founded in 2011 by speech and language pathologist Beata Klarowska, and her husband Bartosz, a software engineer.  It takes speech and language therapy apps to the next level by […]

Robear: Robot Bear Nurse

It’s 2015.  Smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices have been sewn into the fabric of our daily lives.  Because smart technologies are so common, it can be assumed that a majority of individuals are familiar with robots in some form.  In terms of assistive technology, the field of robotics offers an indefinite amount of promise.  This is […]

TrackR bravo: the slimmest tracking device ever

A few months back I wrote about Tile, a handy device that attaches to virtually any item so you can keep track of it via your smartphone.  Soon there will be a similar device available, called the TrackR bravo, which offers the same benefits and more! TrackR is a thin, quarter-sized device that attaches easily to your most […]

From Workplace to Showcase

Writer: Tiffany Whisner, Coles Marketing It started out as a working lab, showing off assistive technology categorized by disability — for those individuals who are blind or vision-impaired; Deaf or Hard of Hearing; have mobility challenges; or learning or cognition challenges. Now, as the reality of the AT world is changing, the INDATA Project at […]

Sesame: The world’s first touch-free phone

“Open Sesame!”  Chances are, you’ve likely said or heard this phrase several times before.  It is a magical command initially stated by Ali Baba in the story Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves used to open the mouth of a cave.  Now instead of opening caves with this phrase, individuals have the ability to turn on the Sesame, a new, entirely touch-free […]

Tech Tip: Saddle Chair by Salli

On a daily basis, especially at the workplace, we often find ourselves in an ongoing cycle: we sit, we stand, we sit, we stand, and repeat.  How could you lessen the strain by making your workspace more ergonomic?  Mark Stewart, assistive technology specialist who specializes in ergonomics, is going to introduce us to an ergonomic […]