3 Apps to Help Children Manage Emotions

Emotions can be a very complicated thing to manage for children and adults alike.  Taking the time and energy to teach children early on how to better manage their feelings is essential for their overall well-being.  There are several apps available that can help in this area.  Keep on reading to learn about a few of them!

3 Apps to Help Children Manage Emotions:

1. Me: A Kid’s Diary by Tinybop

Tinybop is a Brooklyn-based studio of designers, engineers, and artists.  They create educational products to play at home or in the classroom, which “spark the curiosity of kids around the world today.”  Their app, Me: A Kid’s Diary, gives children hundreds of inspiring, fun prompts to help them learn more about themselves as well as the people around them.

tinybop app


  • Children can create and accessorize avatars for themselves and people and pets in their lives
  • Avatar responds to the child, expressing the emotions he or she captures and shares
  • Record stories and sounds
  • Safe space for self-expression: nothing is shared unless child chooses to share
  • Open-ended activities with no rules: curiosity and creativity are rewarded
  • No personal information is shared or collected

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2. Zen Studio Meditation for Kids:

Edoki Academy offers “high-quality content developed by experienced Montessori teachers with beautiful graphic design to foster interest.”  One of their many apps is Zen Studio Meditation for Kids.  Zen Studio Meditation is a “unique geometric finger painting app designed to help children relax and focus.”  Children simply tap once for a new canvas, tap again to pick a color, then swipe to draw with their finger.

zen studio manage emotionsFeatures:

  • Relax as calming music accompanies your every swipe
  • Enjoy 18 free tutorials in the free version (more than 90 via In-App Purchase)
  • Make your own creations using the grid size of your choice
  • Stay zen with the sleek design and simple navigation
  • Print the free Parents and Teachers Handbook
  • Create up to 8 drawings
  • Great for calming and self-regulation

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3. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids:

Stop, Breathe & Think is “an emotional wellness platform for the ‘under 25’ generation.”  Their mission is to help “children, teens, and young adults build the emotional strength to tackle life’s ups and downs.”  Their app, Stop, Breathe, & Think Kids makes meditation and mindfulness easy and fun for children.  It helps them discover their superpowers of sleep, being calm, learning to breathe or to resolve conflicts.

stop, breathe think kids meditation appFeatures:

  • 15 free mindful activities for every situation
  • 25 premium missions for more meditation and mindful activities
  • Fun video animations
  • Stickers to reward progress
  • Mindful missions deal with:
    • Sleep
    • Over-excitement
    • Stress and worry
    • Disappointment and sadness
    • Caring and connecting
  • Offers 2 auto-renewing subscription options:
    • $9.99 per month
    • $58.99 per year

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