5 Time Management Tools for Special Needs

Visual timers can play an essential role in the lives of many individuals with special needs.  They can make stressful transition periods easier, reduce resistance to routines, help manage a class or therapy session, and more for individuals with autism, ADHD, or other special needs.  Keep on reading to learn about the benefits of visual timers and how they can help your child or student.

A few examples of visual timer benefits include:

  • Transition periods for individuals with autism can be especially stressful.  Visual timers can be used to transition from different activities at school, home, or during therapy sessions.
  • Staying on-task is often difficult for individuals with ADHD.  This holds true at work, school, or at home while getting ready for the day.  As an individual with ADHD, I cannot stay on task to save my life.  A visual timer would be great for helping me visually see how much time I have left to do specific tasks.
  • It’s important for individuals of all abilities to be as independent as possible.  Visual timers can help promote said independence!  These timers provide visual alerts of how much time is left for certain tasks.  By using these timers, children are able to view how much time is left without needing to understand time.

5 Examples of Visual Timers:

1. Time Timers:

First up on the list is one I wrote about a month ago.  Time Timers feature an uncluttered interface, silent operation with an optional audible alert.  They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect to use anywhere!

2. Time Tracker Visual Timer and Clock:

The Time Tracker keeps children on task by using both light and sound cues.  It allows quick programming of 3 colored lights that notify users of remaining time.  Also features 180º viewing and a large, easy-to-read LCD display.

3. Time Tracker Mini:

The Time Tracker Mini is a smaller, simpler version of the Time Tracker.  It features 3 colored lights and an optional alarm with visual and auditory cues for timed activities.  It’s easy to operate with just 2 dials: total alarm time and warning time.

4. Magnetic Time Tracker:

The Magnetic Time Tracker adheres to any magnetic surface at home.  It features a clear, 3-color lighted display and simple-to-program alarms (1 minute to 24 hours).  Alarms can be visual, audio, or both.  Kickstand conveniently flips out for tabletop use.

5. Time Timer Watch PLUS:

Time Timer not only offers tabletop visual timers, they also offer watches!  The Time Timer Watch PLUS allows individuals to be even more productive.  It is an ideal time management tool to help keep individuals on track.  Custom timer can be set up to 99 hours with an optional repeating alert.


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