ATU288 – 2016 Holiday Shopping Episode – Part 2


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288-12-02-16 – Holiday Shopping Episode – part 2
Panel: Wade Wingler, Brian Norton, Nikol Prieto, Josh Anderson
Gift ideas:
Smart Klean Laundry Ball –
Liftware –
Intact Sketch Pad –
Mpow Bluetooth Adapter
Christmas Suits –
Oculus Rift –
Reminder Rosie –
Blue2 Bluetooth Switch Adapter –
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——-transcript follows —

Happy Holidays from the Assistive Technology Center at Easter Seals Crossroads. This is your Assistance Technology Update.

WADE WINGLER:  Hi, I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA Project at Easter Seals crossroads in Indiana. Welcome to number 288 of assistive technology update. Today we break from our normal format of news, interviews, and talking about apps related to assistive technology to bring you the second part, part two, of our sixth annual holiday assistive technology shopping episode. We’re going to jump right back into where we left the conversation from last week.

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