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INDATA (INDiana Assistive Technology Act) Project

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A leading provider of programs for people with disabilities, Easterseals Crossroads has been providing services in our community for over 80 years. Realizing the tremendous need for people with disabilities to achieve and maintain their greatest levels of independence, we incorporated assistive technology in our employment training programs in 1979. We later opened our Assistive Technology Center at Easterseals Crossroads in 1990 to provide technology solutions for all program areas.

In 2007, Easterseals Crossroads partnered with the State of Indiana Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services to establish the Indiana Assistive Technology Act (INDATA) Project. The INDATA Project is one of 56 similar, federally-funded projects designed to increase access and awareness of assistive technology

What is Assistive Technology? 

“The term ‘assistive technology device’ means any item, piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified or customized, that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.” – Assistive Technology Act of 1998

INDATA Core Services

Information and Referral:  Anyone with questions about assistive technology may contact our Information & Referral/Funding Specialist at 888-466-1314 or to learn more about available services and funding options.

Device Demonstration: Many individuals benefit from experiencing a basic Assistive Technology equipment demonstration.  These demonstrations are available statewide and typically allow an individual to spend 10-15 minutes with an Assistive Technology Specialist who demonstrates the basic features of the Assistive Technology Device or software. (Does not result in recommendations.)

Device Loan: INDATA has a growing library of Assistive Technology Devices that can be loaned for 30 days.  The library has over 2500 items at this time and continues to grow.

Equipment Reutilization (Depot): INDATA operates an equipment reuse program in which we accept video magnifiers and other assistive technology devices.  These items are sanitized, repaired and given to individuals with disabilities throughout Indiana for free.

Recycled Computer Program (Depot): Donated computers are picked up from a donor, wiped of all previous data to Department of Defense data removal standards, refurbished, and provided, at no charge, to individuals with disabilities who live in Indiana and have no other means of obtaining a computer.

Alternative Financing Program: Although there are several available funding sources for Assistive Technology equipment and services, there are times when an individual does not qualify for a traditional funding source. INDATA works with a lending partner to offer low-interest and extended-term bank loans (from $500 – $30,000) as an alternative funding source for assistive technology equipment and services.

Full-Day Trainings: INDATA hosts free trainings on various aspects of assistive technology. These trainings are held at our Indianapolis facility and streamed via the Internet.  Continuing Educations Units (CEU’s) are also offered to onsite attendees.

PodcastsBlog / TechTips:  One of our goals at the INDATA Project is to be an industry leader in sharing all kinds of assistive technology-related content. Weekly podcasts, weekly TechTip videos, daily blog posts provide persons with disabilities, AT professionals, and general enthusiasts with the latest developments and up-to-date information and interviews from the world of assistive technology.

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