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The INDATA Project is Indiana’s resource for accessibility and assistive technology topics and information. Check out many helpful resources for persons of all ages, abilities and platforms.

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  When thinking about mobility impairment, the image that often springs to many people’s minds is that of a wheelchair. However, even everyday items like Velcro shoes and rolling backpacks — which many people may not necessarily identify as assistive technology — are game-changers for people with limited mobility. “With or without disabilities, we all […]

Learning new languages can be challenging, but apps like Duolingo can help make it fun.  Duolingo is a mobile app that can help individuals learn 40+ different languages.  According to its description on the App Store, it is “the world’s most downloaded education app.”  It teaches languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. While using the app, […]

In today’s tech tip, Brian Norton, Director of AT, at Easterseals Crossroads show us how to use custom commands in Dragon Professional. Check it out here: Click here to learn more about Dragon Professional.

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