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The INDATA Project is Indiana’s resource for accessibility and assistive technology topics and information. Check out many helpful resources for persons of all ages, abilities and platforms.

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As a quadriplegic, Keely Horch spent a long time avoiding assistive technology since much of it required the use of her upper limbs. Tomás Vega, the CEO and founder of Augmental, shared her frustration, and out of that, he developed the MouthPad^, the world’s first hands-free touchpad. “Human-computer interaction really has been focused on the […]

In a 2023 study of more than 2,800 older adults, 65.3% (about 21.5 million individuals) of those aged 71 years or older had hearing loss, and by age 90 years, 96.2% of adults had hearing loss. However, only 29.2% of those with hearing loss used hearing aids. OrCam offers a more advanced hearing solution. The […]

During the 2024 ATIA Conference, Cody Mitchell from Irie-AT, showed us some of their digital magnifiers. Check it out here: Click here to learn more about Irie-AT low vision products.

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