SAJE Technology

SAJE Technology empowers people with special needs by providing voice-activated technology.  Their mission is to, “Develop the highest quality products and provide distinguished customer care.  Offer our customers the right technology at the right price, allowing the user to gain control of their surroundings, to create the most independence throughout their living environment.”

SAJE Technology Products:

1. PhoneMate:

The PhoneMate is a voice-activated telephone for your landline.

PhoneMate Features:

  • Answer, hang up, place calls, check messages and more, all by only using your voice
  • Use voice commands to dial a phone number by digit or any of the 50 numbers the user lists in the phone
  • Caller ID announces who is calling prior to answering
  • 10 programmable speed dial numbers
  • Cordless handset can be used as an intercom to contact a caregiver
2. PocketMate Plus Voice:

The PocketMate Plus Voice is a portable voice-activated and single or dual switch scanning environmental control unit powered by a long life rechargeable battery.

Features of PocketMate Plus Voice:

  • Can control over 250 functions of lights, appliances, beds, doors, telephone functions, and infrared controlled devices
  • Audible feedback and visual confirmation on an easy-to-read 2.25″ display
  • Programmable macros, adjustable scan speed, volume, brightness, and scan repeat
  • Easy-to-program with no additional hardware, software or tools
  • 4.5″ x 3″ device
3. Mobile Devices:

SAJE Technology offers a few adaptive Bluetooth headsets and speakerphone products allowing users to activate the device with any ability switch.

Mobile Devices Overview:

  • EasyBlue and ZooMate both offer the ability to answer, place, and end calls all by activating any ability switch
  • OfficeMate is a switch-adapted, multipoint Bluetooth headset.  It offers the ability to answer, place, and end calls all by activating any ability switch.  OfficeMate can also operate as your microphone for your speech recognition software
4. VoiceMate:

VoiceMate is a completely hands-free ability switch.


  • Simply plug any switch-enabled device into the 1/8 inch jack
  • Users have the ability to activate the device with preassigned voice commands
  • Control 2 devices similarly to sip & puff
  • Requires no voice training

Click here to learn about other products from SAJE Technology.

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