Make Learning to Type Fun with Typesy

Learning to type can be a difficult enough challenge to begin with. But for a person with a disability — whether a learning disability, attention issues or fine motor problems — typing can become a seemingly impossible task.

Typesy typing software boxBy just taking a few minutes a day, you can improve your touch typing skills with Typesy typing software.

According to Typesy, faster typing saves you between four and 47 hours per month, leaving you with more time with friends and family. There are three versions of Typesy to choose from: for school teachers or administrators; for the parent who homeschools; and for the individual.

The Advantages of Touch Typing

Learning to type can be fast, fun and easy with Typesy. Here are just some of the advantages touch typing will bring to your life:

  • Be up-to-date and computer literate
  • Save 4-47 hours per month with faster typing
  • Save your fingers: bad typing is also likely giving you painful repetitive strain injury (RSI) and inflammation
  • Socialize online: Tests show that faster typists can communicate two to three times more effectively in online social media
  • Be up to 63% more efficient on the job

Typesy constantly monitors your process and adapts to your needs, and each lesson is customized for your current skill level. Also, with video training and exercises, users can learn at their own pace and feel comfortable with hitting typing milestones.

Typesy typing software showing screen

Keyboarding for Kids

And if this is for a child with a learning disability or attention disorder, he or she gets the same comprehensive keyboarding curriculum — and it’s fun to use!

Keyboarding lessons are essential for students because:

  • Keyboarding skills are required by common core national education standards
  • Correct touch typing makes it easier for students to complete more work and get better results
  • Students can work faster and with greater confidence at the computer
  • Good computer and typing skills set children up early for big success in life

Plus, Typesy offers a game-like experience which offers rewards and higher game status for achieving certain typing goals. Kids can build their avatars, collect points and play games all while learning to become a better typist.

Typesy typing software for kids

A personal coach is at your disposal and adapts challenges for your skill level as you progress. Users have unlimited installs on all devices — you can go from work computer to home laptop, picking up right where you left off with no problems.

Typesy typing software showing personal coaching video

Typesy is the perfect way to invest in your future. For more information and details, visit

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