Soundingboard aac app

SoundingBoard AAC App

There are so many augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) applications available to help transform your mobile device into a communication device.  In just a few minutes, you can create custom boards with up to 20 message locations using the developer’s symbols or your very own.

Soundingboard aac app
Designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, this innovative application serves as a bridge for individuals with communication challenges, empowering them to express themselves effectively and confidently.  SoundingBoard AAC allows users to create personalized communication boards tailored to their unique needs and preferences. With a vast library of symbols, images, and customizable layouts, individuals can craft boards that reflect their vocabulary and communication style.

Overview of SoundingBoard AAC:

  • The app accommodates diverse communication needs by supporting multiple boards and easily switching between them
  • Can be used in home, school, or clinical settings – or virtually anywhere!
  • Users can select synthesized voices or record their own voice to accompany their messages, adding a personal touch to their interactions
  • AAC app features adjustable settings, including font sizes, grid layouts, and color contrasts, to cater to users with varying visual and motor abilities

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