Improved Standards for Library Accessibility

Did you know that starting next year, the Indiana Library and Historical Board will adopt new standards concerning accessibility?  In 2011 anyone will be able to access an Indiana library’s catalog from any computer that has an internet connection.  According to Indianapolis Business Journal, nearly a third of Indiana’s libraries are already using online catalogs.  Imagine […]

Indiana Center for Accessible Materials

The Indiana Center for Accessible Materials (ICAM) is an online project managed by the Office of the Associate Superintendent, the Indiana Department of Education.  This project’s mission is to team up with educational facilities to provide accessible formats for students with print disabilities.  Some of its services include: Serving as a state repository for textbooks […]

Empowering People with Partners in Policymaking

If you aren’t satisfied with how things are run in your community, the best way to change a policy is to get educated and involved!  This year, consider applying for Partners in Policymaking Academy.  It’s an eight month long training for people with disabilities (or parents of children with disabilities) to learn about the procedures in […]

2010 RESNA Conference in Las Vegas

What: RESNA 2010 and International Symposium on Quality of Life Technology When: June 28-30, 2010 Where: Red Rock Casino Spa Resort, Las Vegas Why: This annual conference is for those who wish to learn about the latest assistive technology available for people with disabilities.  Here you will be exposed to sessions related to computer access, […]

Stories from the INDATA Depot

Meet Danielle, a recent recipient of a laptop from the INDATA Depot!  Danielle plans on using her INDATA Depot laptop to write letters in Microsoft Word so she can communicate with her friends and family. There are many more individuals in Indiana who are awaiting a computer from the INDATA Depot.  Help us help them […]