Clinical Evaluation and Training

What is Assistive Technology? Where do I start? Can technology make a difference in my independence? What about AT on the job, at home or in school?  Who can help?

Since 1979, Easterseals Crossroads has been Indiana’s premiere provider of Assistive Technology services and has assisted thousands of individuals live more independently through the use of assistive/adaptive technology.


Assistive Technology is about helping people with disabilities achieve better living by improving independence with everyday tasks.

Our Assistive Technology specialists work one-on-one with people to determine the appropriate assistive technology to meet their needs at home, work, school or in the community. Our specialities include computer access, home modifications, educational technology, intellectual/cognitive solutions, workplace accommodations, blind/visually impaired solutions and low/high assistive technology assessments to meet a person’s specific needs.

Often, our Assistive Technology specialists meet with employers and schools with the client’s permission to gather relevant information about the nature of accommodations to make informed decisions about appropriate technology solutions.


Our assistive technology specialists stay up to date with the newest innovations and trends in assistive technology by working directly with assistive technology manufacturers.  As a result, they have the knowledge and expertise to address almost any challenge.

A consultation is like an evaluation, but typically shorter in nature and less comprehensive, this service allows for brief interventions by a qualified Assistive Technology professional, and typically results in a recommendation focused on a single aspect of an individual or organizational need.

One-on-One training:

Training is a vital to the success of any accommodation and must not be overlooked during the accommodation process.  Our trainers work with individuals to customize the training and create learning objectives that best fit the user’s learning style and specific needs at work, school or home.

Our trainers are well trained and able to support a wide variety of assistive technology devices and software.  Our training services are comprehensive, state-wide and able to be provided both in-person or online depending on a user’s preference.

Possible Funding Sources:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, Medicare, Choice
  • Social Security Work Incentive programs (PASS, IRWI, BWE)
  • Schools
  • Employers
  • Veterans Administration
  • Foundations, charities, faith-based organizations
  • Individuals often private-pay for their own technology

Make a referral:

Do you know someone who might benefit from an assistive technology evaluation, consultation or training? If so, you can download the our referral form here.

Once the referral is complete, it can be emailed to Josh Anderson, Manager of Clinical AT, at (   It can also faxed to 317-466-2000 – Attention: June White – if that is your preference.