Downloadable Audiobooks from the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library

For many people, reading is a daily activity that provides a brief escape and the chance to relax and forget about daily stresses. Reading can be fun, informative, and even cathartic. Unfortunately, for individuals with certain disabilities, reading does not serve as a means of escape and relaxation; conversely, reading can be an arduous task […]

2011 Autism Expo in Carmel, IN

As many as 1 in 110 people in the United States of America has autism. Just in time for Disability Awareness Month in Indiana, the Indiana chapter of the Autism Society of America  and Easter Seals Crossroads are hosting the 4th Annual  Autism Expo on March 26, 2011 at The Fountains Banquet and Conference Center […]

Cerebral Palsy in the Spotlight

Oprah Winfrey is famous for her many accomplishments: her talk show, status as one of the richest women in the world, philanthropic generosity and her prowess as a  business woman. She is also known for her belief in her fellow man, and that no one, no matter their perceived shortcomings, should be discounted or robbed […]

Get Involved in Disability Awareness Month

March is fast approaching. There is a lot to look forward to: warmer weather (fingers crossed), St. Patrick’s Day parades and parties,  and the  March Madness NCAA basketball tournament. But there is one more reason to be excited for the third month of the year. March is Disability Awareness Month! Each March, the Indiana Governor’s Council for […]

Mealtime Partners Address the Issue of Dehydration in Individuals with Disabilities

Mealtime Partners Inc. is an organization that aims to provide individuals with a physical disability the opportunity to eat and drink independently. Mealtime Partners offers a broad range of drinking systems, some of which provide hands free drinking and can be mounted to a wheelchair or bed. Others address the special swallowing needs of our clients including drinking […]

iDress for Weather: Assistive Technology Application

iDress for Weather is the first ever assistive technology weather application available to enrich the lives of persons with disabilities.  iDress for Weather supports people whose cognitive processing or memory is affected by a disability, or has changed due to injury or illness.  iDress for Weather can be a tool to learn or relearn the […]