ReadSpeaker is a Product that Makes Content on the Web be Read Aloud


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ReadSpeaker is a product that makes it easier for companies and organizations to make their websites more accessible to people with disabilities. This product is useful for people who may have visual impairments or physical impairments that make reading a computer screen difficult. It uses a few lines of coding to turn a website’s content into a multi-media experience.  It takes the website’s content and reads all of it out loud. Users can choose the language and voice for dozens available. ReadSpeaker speech-enables online content in 35+ languages and 100+ voices. Audio is generated immediately, so whenever a website is updated, the content on the screen still matches the audio.

ReadSpeaker was created in 1999 and today,  the company’s web-based text-to-speech services are used by thousands of websites and mobile apps. Millions of users experience ReadSpeaker on websites each month. The company provides an array of services including web-based text-to-speech solutions for websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, RSS feeds, online documents and forms, and online campaigns.

ReadSpeaker is an all  web-based product. That means there are no downloads and it can be accessed from any location. ReadSpeaker works with all web browsers (IE 6 and up, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Lynx, etc.

If you business serves people who use assistive technology, ReadSpeaker may be a good tool for your organization because it makes your content more accessible to people with visual or physical impairments.