Differently-Abled Toy Guide from Toys R Us

Lego Toys
Lego Toys

Here’s something for those last minute shoppers out there – Toys R Us has dedicated a page on their web site to toys specifically for kids with special needs.  The company doesn’t list the toys by disability.  Instead you can find them in categories such as visual, auditory, fine and gross motor, language, self-esteem and tactile.

Check out the Playskool Busy Balls, each of which have different visual patterns to capture attention while promoting gross motor skills as kids chase them around the room.

Another hot item is the Don’t Say It! Game, where you try to describe an animal or object without saying what they would most likely be recognized for. The product description reads “try to describe a bird without saying ‘feathers.'” You can find this game in the language and thinking categories.

Many kids do not get to celebrate the holiday season because of financial hardship or natural disasters.  You can add on a donation to Toys for Tots when you place an order online or stop by a Toys R Us store to make a cash donation.   Every dollar counts!

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