screenshot of a table of Time Timers and Time Timers with Dry Erase Board

Monday Tech Tip: Time Timer Dry Erase Board

During the 2023 ATIA Conference, Courtney Calo, Marketing Coordinator, at Time Timer showed us the Time Timer Dry Erase, which is a smaller version of their Time Timer visual time attached to a dry erase board where tasks and messages can be written on to keep schedules on time. Check it out here: Click here […]

screenshot of scanning pen

Monday Tech Tip: Scanning Pens Reader 2

During the 2023 ATIA Conference, David Flaherty, US Director of Sales, Scanning Pens, Inc. shows us one of their scanning pen devices that uses AI-based text recognition to scan text and read to a user. The device has many other helpful features for individuals with reading difficulties such as access to dictionary for word comprehension […]

AT Awareness Day banner with people using different AT devices and says #ATAWARENESSDAY- It's kind of a big deal

#ATAwarenessDay- It’s kind of a big deal!

  What’s the big deal about #ATAwarenessDay today, March 1st?! Celebrating things that help people hear, read, learn, walk, speak, type, write, eat, remember? Yep – Assistive Technology. It’s kind of a big deal! The definition of assistive technology (AT) may vary for each individual.  However, the federal definition is as follows: “An assistive technology device […]