Enhanced Vision Introduces the “Transformer USB”

The Transformer USB
The Transformer USB

Enhanced Vision,  America’s leading manufacturer of electronic magnifying devices for the visually impaired, has  launched a flexible solution that will bring independence to many people currently struggling with various low vision conditions including Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa or Stargardt’s disease.

The Transformer USB is a 3-in-1 Computer Compatible Portable Electronic Magnifier that has an  intuitive design that adapts to the diverse needs and lifestyles of individuals with low vision. It is perfect for the student who can’t see the blackboard to write down daily assignments, for the employee who can’t see the spreadsheets or follow along during a presentation and anyone else in-between. The Transformer USB  has a portable electronic magnifier that is a welcome solution for individuals who need a lightweight, portable device to carry with them on a daily basis. The  Transformer USB is extremely adaptable and is  an ideal choice for anyone who has ever wants more out of a magnification device.

Some of the Transformer USB’s many  features are:

  • It’s lightweight design
  • Magnification up to 30x
  • A camera that rotates 330 degrees for reading, distance & self viewing modes
  • Auto install software / plug & play
  • USB connectivity for laptop computer
  • It is compatible with popular magnification software & the latest windows operating systems
  • It captures and stores images
  • It offers 28 custom color select modes for screen contrast
  • The Transformer USB has a self contained on/off LED lighting
  • Battery operated – up to 4 hours
  • Includes soft carrying case and cloth sleeve
  • Memory setting for each camera position
  • The Transformer USB comes with a 2 year warranty

For more information and a free in home demo, please visit the Transformer USB page of the Enhanced Vision website.


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