Lime Lighter Low-Vision Music Reading Device from Dancing Dots

Dancing Dots serves blind musicians and their educators through technology and training.  The organization was founded in 1992 and offers a variety of assistive technology products for the visually impaired. Products are aimed to allow blind musicians to create and play music even if they aren’t a Braille music specialist.

The Lime Lighter from Dancing Dots displays music notation from 1.25 to 10 times bigger than original sheet music on a 20” digital touch screen.  It allows musicians to read sheet music with ease, comfort and clarity. Musicians can press the right side of the foot pedal and the music will advance across the screen to the next measure. The music slides from right to left so the upcoming notes show up at roughly the same spot on the screen every time.  A rectangle highlights the start of the measure and if the musician needs to backtrack they can simply press the left side of the foot pedal. Musicians can also easily move to the beginning of the piece by pressing the center pedal.  The device has an additional option to incorporate third-party software that will read text in program menus aloud. Composer can also use The Lime Lighter for creating music because notes can be entered, revised and printed.

There are two ways to add music to The Lime Lighter. It comes equipped with SharpEye Music Reader software. SharpEye scans hard copies of music using any standard scanner. It reads the music with the Lime software and magnifies the music to the musician’s preference and displays it on the screen. A second way to add music to The Lime Lighter is to download files from the internet or import MusicXML files. The Lime Lighter can store up to 20 pages of music at one time for quick access to music.

It’s also possible to connect The Lime Lighter to a PC and have the music performed; this feature can be used as a teaching aid. Another feature is the possibility to add music directly into The Lime Lighter using a PC keyboard or playing on an electronic keyboard attached to a PC.  The device comes with a heavy-duty music stand.

For more information about The Lime Lighter, you can call 610-783-6692.

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  1. I have amd and am having difficulty reading the sheet music. I am not blind yet. Do you have products to increase my ability to read sheet music without being too hard to learn or too costly. Thank you. Evelyn lyerly.

  2. I play the trumpet and have low vision.I am not very good with computers and will need help setting up the sustem

  3. I am not good with computers. I have low vision. I will need help with equipment set up and training. I play the trumpet.

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