Captionfish Search Engine finds US Movie Theatres with Closed Captioning

Captionfish is the leading search engine for captioned movies showing in theatres throughout the United States. Captioned movies offer people with hearing and visual disabilities a way to enjoy the cinema. The website lists movies that are showing in opened captioning, Rear Window captioning, CaptiView closed captioning, USL Closed Caption System, foreign language subtitles and Descriptive Audio. On the home page of the website, you can filter the type of closed captioning you are looking for and find a specific type to fit your needs. The website also offers a description of each of the different types of captioning that American theatres offer.

You choose a city in the United States and Captionfish quickly loads a comprehensive list of theatres with closed caption capabilities within 60 miles. Captionfish will list the theatre and what type of captioning is available. By default, the list is in order by theater location, but there’s an option to view the list by title of movie instead. It also lists the  time and motion picture rating of the movie. The website even links to the movie trailer with open captioning, written summary of the film and a list of every theatre in the United States where it is showing with captioning.

The “Theater Directory” tab of the website allows people to see all the theatres in the United States that show captioned movies. Once again, you can select your home city and it will list all the theatres within 60 miles that offer some form of captioning. The webpage automatically lists the names, addresses and phone numbers of the theaters, too.

Captionfish offers other features for more convenient searching. The website is a comprehensive schedule of all movies with captions in the United States. It also provides a list of upcoming movies that will be available with captioning. To make it even easier to find captioned movies, you can create an account with Captionfish and the site will email you when a captioned movie is available in a city near you.

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