Friday Assistive Technology Podcasts

Information from the INDATA Project is now available via podcast! Every Friday, the INDATA Project will release two podcasts featuring new assistive technology projects. The podcasts are available for viewing on the INDATA Project website and on iTunes. The “Assistive Technology Update” is a fast-paced weekly update for AT professionals and enthusiasts. The “Accessibility Minute” is designed for all listeners to provide assistive technology tips and tricks.

Assistive Technology Update

 iPad as iPhone, Google Wallet, Looktel Money Reader:

New Apple accessibilty, Enhanced Captioning and Eye-Com EC7T tracking system:

VizWiz, Nintendo Wii and Cell Phones for the Deaf:

Accessibility Minute

Captioned Telephones:

Computing for the Visually Impaired:

Audio Books:

If you have trouble viewing any of these, try visiting the INDATA Project website.

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