INDATA Provides Low-Interest Loans for Qualified Individuals

Are you considering purchasing an assistive technology device but are unsure of how you will pay for it? The INDATA Project has an Alternative Financing Program (AFP) that may be precisely what you need.

The INDATA Project provides low-interest extended rate financial loans for people who qualify. Individuals who qualify are residents of Indiana with a documented disability and need assistive technology. If the qualified person is under the age of 18, a legal parent or guardian will need to submit the application. Through a partnership with Easter Seals Crossroads of Indiana and STAR Financial, loans are available throughout the state. AFP loans are to be used to purchase assistive technology including, but not limited to hearing aids, augmentative communication devices, Braille equipment, computers, and environmental control units.

If you are interested in obtaining a loan, think you qualify or want more information please call 888-466-1314. Individuals need to understand that this is a loan, not a grant or other type of financial assistance. If you have questions, please contact us at 317-466-2013 or 888-466-1314. The INDATA website is also a useful resource for learning about assistive technology devices.