Mike and Lisa Overbay posing with their accessible van and Lisa is on the wheelchair ramp

Consumer Highlight: Lisa Overbay

Lisa Overbay has multiple sclerosis and is dependent on a wheelchair. To be able to leave her home, she needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle. She and her husband were using a 2006 van that he was able to convert himself with a wheelchair lift, but it was “on it’s last leg”. When they began to […]

Sara beside her vehicle with her children

Consumer Highlight: Sara Banghart

Sara Banghart is a mother of two. Her daughter, Raelyn, was born with Pompe disease, which is an inherited disorder caused by buildup of a complex sugar (glycogen) in certain organs and tissues, especially in the muscles. Due to this disease, her daughter is non-ambulatory and dependent on a wheelchair. A few years ago, Sara […]

Consumer Highlight: Roxanne Peacock

Roxanne Peacock has used several of The INDATA Project’s services and I spoke with her to learn about her and her experience in utilizing these services.  I learned that Roxanne is 55-years-old and she has been married for 18 years. She has 5 children and 2 grandchildren. She grew up in a small town in […]

INDATA Provides Low-Interest Loans for Qualified Individuals

Are you considering purchasing an assistive technology device but are unsure of how you will pay for it? The INDATA Project has an Alternative Financing Program (AFP) that may be precisely what you need. The INDATA Project provides low-interest extended rate financial loans for people who qualify. Individuals who qualify are residents of Indiana with […]