Local Organization Profile: Dyslexia Institute of Indiana

The Dyslexia Institute of Indiana (DII) aspires to serve children, adolescents, and adults with specific language disabilities. DII provides skills, services, and strategies that enable individuals to attain their full potential by learning to manage the challenges of dyslexia and overcome the unexpected challenge of reading.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that results in difficulties with accurate and fluent word recognition. Other obstacles for people with dyslexia include struggles with reading comprehension and reduced reading experience. This can slow growth in learning vocabulary. Dyslexia is a disorder involving the understanding of language and difficulties with listening, thinking, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, or doing mathematical calculations.

DII offers numerous services for individuals facing Dyslexia and offers support from family members, teachers and parents. DII provides one-on-one testing, tutoring services and educator training. Each summer, the DII hosts a four-week summer camp, Camp Delafield, for children to increase their academic skills and provide experiences that build self-esteem, motivation and social skills. The “Ready, Set, Read” program is school based and provides multi-sensory instruction during the school day. The “Ready-to-Work” program targets adults to address needs of adults in the community facing Dyslexia.

The DII hosts free information nights for members of the community to ask questions and gather resources. Information nights are held at Keystone at the Crossing in Indianapolis. On the DII website, you can subscribe to a newsletter to learn more about the services and events hosted by the organization. The Dyslexia Insititute of Indiana offers a plethora of resources for the community to support people effected by the disorder.

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