Vibrating Alarm Clocks to Assist Hearing Impaired

A vibrating alarm clock is a handy tool for people who are deaf or have hearing impairments. A traditional alarm clock may not be loud enough to wake people from a deep slumber, but an alarm clock that you can feel would do the trick!

Vibrating alarm clocks are small enough to fit under your pillow but powerful enough to gently shake the pillow and therefore wake you up. Vibrating alarm clocks are useful tools for people with hearing impairments. There are many different types of vibrating alarm clocks available. Today, I’ve highlighted a couple brands and given you a brief description of each.

Shake N Wake Vibrating Alarm Clock
: The unique thing about this device is that it can be worn on your wrist like a watch. It’s comfortable so you can easily wear it while you sleep. Yet, the vibrations are still strong enough that the clock can be tucked under your pillow and will wake you in the morning.

Sonic Alert clocks and Sonic Boom vibrating alarm clocks: These vibrating alarm clocks are stylish and many different models are offered. Sonic Boom clocks will vibrate under your pillow, but also can be placed on your night stand. The clocks will still vibrate on the night stand and it should be loud enough to wake you. They also have the capability to make a loud alarm sound for people that may have some hearing. One model of a Sonic Boom clock, no doubt designed for young girls, is bright pink and shaped like a heart.

Many versions and models of clocks by Shake ‘n’ Wake and Sonic Alert are available at retail stores and online at website like Amazon. Sweet dreams!