ATU033: Assistive Technology Act/Rehab Services Administration (Rob Groenendaal) GW Skype, Wheelchair users who are blind or visually impaired, SoundPod, Choosing apps, Sortable, Free ADA Webinar, CSUN & ATIA



Assistive Technology Act Projects, RSA (Rob Groenendaal) (

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Indiana Assistive Technology Blog

GW Skype:

The ADA in the Healthcare Setting – Webinar Jan 18

CSUN registration:

ATIA registration:

Sortable – Taking the pain out of buying

App: SoundPOD™ for iPad | FRS Custom Solutions

How to pick great apps from a sea of mediocre ones « ConnSENSE Bulletin

Wheelchair use for blind or visually impaired users:

INDATA app list:

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