ATU039 – Job Accommodation Network (Dr. Beth Loy), Braille Smartphone interface, A Car For The Blind, Accessible Event, Apple OSX Mountain Lion Acessibility



Job Accommodation Network (Dr. Beth Loy) 800-526-7234 TTY: 877-781-9403

App Store – Dropophone

New phone technology may give voice to deaf in real-time

Georgia Tech iPhone App Could Help Blind Users Text – Slashdot

Create a car for the blind | Technology Blog

Deaf, hard of hearing callers will be able to text message 911

The Carroll Center for the Blind Receives Grant for Addition of New Apple Training Lab

PCS™ High Contrast | Mayer-Johnson

AAC Apps Assistant: AAC TechConnect

Assistive technology solutions fact sheet

Accessible Event

Ten exciting system changes in Mountain Lion | Macworld

Indiana Assistive Technology Blog

INDATA app list:

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