ATU044 – RESNA (Alex Mihailidis) , Run Windows on your iPad, Are you happy with SIRI, AppWriter, BrightStar, VisionAssist, Cause and Effect Apps



RESNA – Alex Mihailidis, PhD (

Run Windows & Microsoft Office on the iPad for Free with OnLive Desktop

This Amazing Device Just Made Wheelchairs Obsolete for Paraplegics

RESNA certification changes

Just over half of iPhone 4S users happy with Siri | TechJournal

Building a ‘Blind-Friendly’ Internet

AppWriter brings Dyslexie font, other assistive tech, to iPad | SmartPlanet

BrightStar™ Reader Science | BrightStar Learning

Google’s New Spell Check

slinkyware – VisionAssist

Cause Effect Apps | OT’s with Apps

Cause & Effect iPad apps – GameBase Reviews – SpecialEffect’s accessible GameBase

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