Low tech assistive technology

Many believe that technology can be overwhelming or even daunting at times because of all of the upgrades, new editions and the never-ending list of new technologies to choose from.

However, not all technology has to be “high-tech.” Assistive technology in particular can be anything from a heating pad to a magnifying glass, it just depends on the user’s needs.

The following list is just a compilation of a few items that do not require a user manual, but can still make a world of difference.

Weighted Snuggle Snake: “The Sensory weighted snake provides a gentle weight which helps to facilitate proprioceptive input as it wraps snugly around the upper shoulder area. This fun design and cute fabric is a perfect pal to wear during school activities or during times that require good attention. The Sensory Snake can also be placed in the lap if this is more comfortable for the child.” – www.grampasgarden.com

iPad Pillow: “The iBuddy tablet holder is designed for the iPad, iPad2, Kindle DX or other tablets and touchpads of similar size. Using the iBuddy tablet holder will help eliminate Sleepy-Hand Syndrome, the strain on your wrists and arms resulting from holding-up your electronic readers for long periods of time. The iBuddy tablet holder will also absorb the heat and weight associated with tablets. The iBuddy comes in a variety of colors and patterns to accommodate all age groups and its dimensions are 14 ½” x 11 ½”.” www.amandacrawforddesigns.com

Tennis Balls and Foam Noodles: Repurpose these items by fitting them around writing or eating utensils to give the user something to hold onto with a firm grip and an alternative to traditional grips that may be difficult.

Plastic signature guide and writing guides – These plastic sheets have lines cut out of them so as to guide the writer’s hands and keep sentences straight. This simple overlay is great for those who have issues controling their fine motor skills or are blind or have low-vision.

Big Keys Keyboard – One of several alternative large letter, abc order keyboards for young children or students with motor or cognitive challenges difficulties. This keyboard may qualify as technological; however, it’s large keys and colors make it easy to use and can help to make typing more efficient and quick. We have them here at INDATA if you want to try one for 30 days!