Infogrip Products Make Computer Use a Reality for All

For over 25 years, Infogrip has created assistive technology products for special education solutions. The mission of the company is to create “something unique because a ‘one size’ never really ‘fits all’ in this industry.” Infogrip truly believes there is a solution that makes using a computer possible for every person with any ability. The company offers some products that stand alone to make the use of a computer easier, but also offers some products that should be used in conjunction with one another to make computer use easier. Today’s blog post focuses on Infogrip’s BigKeys products. BigKeys are QWERTY keyboards that have larger keys compared to a standard keyboard. Infogrip offers a different BigKeys keyboards.

BigKeys has one inch square keys (that’s four times the size of a standard key). They are available in QWERTY keyboards, but also ABC keyboards for learning activities for kids. BigKeys are particularly useful for people with vision impairments or people with limited mobility in their arms and fingers. It is available in easy-to-read bright colors or black and white. The BigKeys has a built-in sticky keys function to allow the user to enter multiple keyboard functions without simultaneous key presses. Infogrip has two similar products available, BigKeys LX and BigKeys Plus. BigKeys LX has 48 keys and BigKeys Plus has 60 keys. The difference in these keyboards is extra keys for numbers or punctuation marks. Both of these products function in the same way.

Infogrip also offers BigKeys protective skins and keycards to make your product more durable and last longer. However, if your BigKeys products does need to be replaced, you can purchase a BigKeys Keyset and replace individual buttons. This is more affordable than purchasing a completely new keyboard.

Infogrip is dedicated to making computer use a reality for everyone. BigKeys is just one of the many products the company offers to make that dream happen.

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