Sendero GPS LookAround

The Sendero Group has developed the GPS LookAround app, an app for the blind or visually impaired. This self-voicing app is available on the iPhone and in the app store for $4.99. It works with the iPhone 3Gs and higher. However, this app does not work with the iPod and has yet to be programmed for the iPad.

LookAround announces the nearest points of your desired location and your current location. By announcing the current street, city, and cross streets, this app make it easy for the visually impaired to navigate with ease. All users have to do is shake their phone and their current location will be announced. LookAround does not offer routing. However, it can be used while another GPS routing program is simultaneously running.

This app cuts the costs of an expensive GPS and provides added range-sensitive POI querying. LookAround’s new technology eliminated time-out sessions when users enter densely populated areas. By featuring a consolidated world map, users no longer have to manually choose their specific region.

The LookAround prompts are presented in English. The highest quality data is available in North American and Europe. Other countries are offered on the app. However, the data quality may not be as efficient or precise.  Although there is no turn-by-turn navigation information, there are five applications presented by the Sendero GPS on other platforms that provide a comprehensive navigation package.

Check out the LookAround app at the Apple Store for only $4.99

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