Northwest Indiana Hearing Loss Meeting with CaptionCall and Engage

On Saturday November 10, from 1-3pm come and talk with representatives from CaptionCall and Engage for the Northwest Indiana Hearing Loss Meeting. The meeting will be held at the Dyer Schereville Library at 1001 W. Lincoln Hwy Schereville, Indiana.

Engage offers a new mobile app that alerts people of Deaf news, events, and emergencies in a 30-second ASL video.

CaptionCall offers an innovative new telephone service for people who have difficulties hearing/understanding people on the phone. CaptionCall provides voice recognition technology and features what the callers say in written transcript form. The transcript is then projected on a large, easily read screen.

The CaptionCall phone offers consumers self-assurance and ease with this new piece of revolutionary technology. With free FCC-funded service coupled with friendly customer service, CaptionCall helps consumers communicate on the phone easier than ever!

To learn more call 877-447-2227 or visit After ordering, you will receive the CaptionCall phone at no cost, including free installation. Use the Promo Code: HS3026 when ordering.



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