New Features of ZoomText 10 and 10.0.6 update release

handheld magnifierZoomText is a computer screen magnifier by Ai Squared that enlarges everything on a computer screen. The software is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. This software allows users with low vision to access a computer with the ability to magnify print up to 36x. It also allows a user to change the color contrast on the screen. ZoomText also offers the ZoomText Magnifier/Reader which has the same features as the Magnifier and also has a reader that will read documents, web pages and email aloud.

ZoomText 10 allows users to not only access electronic information on the computer, but printed material as well.

New features of the ZoomText Magnifier and Magnifier/Reader are:

ZoomText Camera– this gives users the capability to view and magnify printed material by using any HD webcam. This can also be used to magnify other items such a medicine bottles, money, magazines and more. The software will allow users to zoom in and out, change between contrast colors and view items in full or split screen so they can see the image on the camera and your computer screen at the same time.

ZoomText Enhance Web Finder– this feature allows users to navigate the web and search for specific words or even phrases. It allows someone to skim through pages to find what they are looking for. As they search a page each item is highlighted and spoken by the reader. When a user finds the item they are interested in, they can initiate the web finder to start reading out loud from that point.

New Features of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader Only Feature:

ZoomText Recorder– this feature allows users to take any printed material and turn them into an audio recording. These audio recordings can then be transferred to a mobile device. This allows a user to be able to play the recordings on the go and not be restricted to being in front of their computer. These recordings can be saved directly to a playlist in iTunes or Windows Media Player with the option to automatically sync them to their mobile device.

ZoomText Background Reader– this feature allows a user to listen to the reader read e-mail, web pages or documents while performing other tasks at the same time. A user selects the text that they would like to have read aloud, press the background reader hotkey and then the reader begins to read the text. While the text is being read a user can go on to a different task. The reader can be paused and moved forward and backward by a word or sentence.

ZoomText has just released the 10.0.6 update. With this update they have fixed some bugs and improved their IE9 support for webmail applications such as Yahoo and added suppport for the ABBYY FineReader.

For a free 60 day trial of ZoomText 10 you can download it here.

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