Flood and Water Temperature Detectors for People with Dementia

waterPeople who have dementia may have trouble detecting the height of water in a bathtub. This could lead unnecessary damage to a person’s home or even injuring themselves. Here’s a short list of assistive technology devices that can help make life more safe.

Starfish Bath Alarm

This device sucks to the side of the bathtub. You choose a height that you want the water to reach. When the water touches the alarm, a beeping alert sounds to remind you to turn the faucet off. It includes a removable temperature probe for you to measure the temperature of the bath water to decide if it’s too hot or cold. The unit can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Magiplub Bath and Sing Plugs

This is a plug you can use to stop up your sink or bath. It allows a bath or sink to be filled to a certain level and then, releases excess water to prevent flooding. You choose the desired level and when the plug reaches the pressure plate will close again leaving a filled bath. It also has a heat sensitive pad that changes colour when the water temperature reaches 36°C . This alerts the user that the water may be too hot.

Chubb Flood Detector

The flood detector is installed within the bathroom or kitchen and will alert a you when a sink or bath overflows. It detects water on the floor, so if for example, a pipe burst, it will alert you. This device also has the capability to send an automatic call to someone to help.

Image Credit: Doni, Dustin, and AJ

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