Educational Resources for Parents

casio-fx115es-5564_lThe internet is an invaluable tool for acquiring educational resources. Technology that is used by everyone, such as a tool like spell check, can be especially helpful to people with learning disabilities. I’ve cobbled together a few online tools that could be helpful for your and your student.

  • It lists resources for students of all ages and you can even search for your child’s school to get personalized content. You can get advice on parenting dilemas, worksheets in a variety of subjects and read stories about successful students. 
  • This is a website dedicated to helping students learn to read. It aims to make children feel confident about reading skills and act as a resource for parents so they can encourage learning. You can find videos, podcasts and printable resources to help your child succeed.
  • This organization “believes that technology can open doors and break down barriers for children, youth, and adults with disabilities.” Assistive technology including devices, software and recordings can increase or improve the educational capabilities of children with disabilities. The website is dedicated to exploring new developments in technology that can accommodate people with learning disabilities.
  • The website lists recommendations for reading, writing and learning software. It also provides links to find more information out about recorded audiobooks, simple text-to-speech applications, notetaking, math practice resources, writing aids and other tools for educational development.

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