Battery Tester for People who are Deaf Blind

Battery TesterPeople who are Deaf Blind can use pieces of assistive technology to make every day tasks more convenient. These devices are pieces of technology that are specifically designed for people with disabilities.

If you’re like me, you probably have a place in your home (for me, it’s junk drawer in my kitchen) with old batteries, rubberbands and other knick knacks. If you are Deaf Blind, you may difficulty determining if those old batteries work. The EZ Test Battery Tester is an audible or audible and vibrating battery tester. It’s designed for individuals who are Blind or Deaf Blind or who have low vision. The tester is available in an audible version that reports battery status by beeps, and an audible/tactile version that reports battery status by vibrations and beeps. A flexible testing wire allows you to test batteries of different sizes including AAA, AA, C, and D. Also included are two contacts for testing 9-volt batteries. The unit comes with instructions in print, braille, and on cassette. An attached elastic band holds testing wire while the unit is stored. The devices uses 2 triple-A batteries.

This produce is available from and has a one year warranty.


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