Kaufman Speech Praxis Test for Children

Image Source: EnableMart.com
Image Source: EnableMart.com

The Kaufman Speech Praxis Test for Children identifies the level of breakdown in a child’s ability to speak. This type of test can help identify if and what kind of ┬átreatment can be used and how improvement can be tracked. Easy to administer and score, the test helps to measure a child’s imitative responses to the clinician, locates where the childs speech system is breaking down, and points to a systematic course of treatment.

This assistive technology testing device includes:

  • Items organized from simple to complex motor-speech movements, using meaningful words whenever possible
  • An imitative, stimulus/response format that can be administered easily without pictorial stimulation
  • Norm-referenced and standardized items that provide a raw score, a standard score, and a percentile ranking for each part of the test
  • A diagnostic rating scale that assists in delineating severity levels on a continuum
  • Normative information related to the normal speaking population of children and the disordered population

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