Braille Control Pad

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The KTP Series Thinline 2×6 with Braille Overlay is a braille control pad designed to make a variety of applications accessible to individuals who are blind or have low vision. This keypad has 12 keys in two columns and six rows, representing the numbers 0-9 and the star and pound signs. Each key is marked in braille and with white numbers or symbols on a black background.

This keypad uses piezo technology with no moving parts to wear out. Usage of this keypad is indicated through an LED indicator and audible feedback. The keypad is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. This keypad is available with any of the following industry standard outputs: 26-bit Wiegand; 8-bit Word; serial ASCII; ABA Track II; infrared/bar code; BCD Output; X-Y Matrix; and 2 of 7 Output. Custom outputs are also available. This keypad is also available as part of a Keyless Entry access control system for residential, commercial, or elevator applications.

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