Z-Wave Home Control

We should all feel safe and have as much control as possible in our own home regardless of age or disability; we also want our loved ones to live as independently and safely as possible too, but how?  Z-Wave products provide both users and their loved ones with a great sense of security and independence by making everyday household items–door locks, indoor/outdoor lights, remotes, thermostats, and much more–accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!  It is a very efficient, low-energy wireless technology with devices that often work off of a battery.  Others plug into the wall, and there are even Z-Wave controllable AC outlets which allow you to make your entire home “smart.”  These products “talk” to each other wirelessly and securely and can be accessed and controlled on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Quick Facts about Z-Wave Home Control:

  • Easy to install — no new wires!
  • Any product with Z-Wave on the box works with any other.
  • Affordable — get started with minimum investment and easily add on more products.
  • Reliable — over ten years on the market.
  • Lots of choices — styles, price points, colors, etc.
  • Already 20 million products in homes worldwide.
  • Biggest brand names use Z-Wave.
  • Secure — same encryption as online banking.
  • 9 out of 10 leading security companies use Z-Wave.

Thanks to Z-Wave technology, many individuals are now able to live more independently with their loved ones feeling more secure also, even if they aren’t able to physically be there.

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