Touch Autism: Apps to assist with daily needs

For many individuals living with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, communicating effectively, organizing thoughts and/or focusing on tasks, etc., may be a challenge.  Throughout the last few years, technology has granted an indefinite amount of possibilities for these individuals.  Many have noticed the benefits and thus strive to create technological apps to benefit such individuals so that they may live independent and productive lives.  Furthermore, even though there is a plethora of apps available, finding some to benefit each user may be difficult.  Touch Autism not only creates such apps, but they also provide extensive reviews and links to other apps available for iOS devices.


The creators behind Touch Autism are a two-member team devoted to creating helpful, interesting and fun apps for individuals with autism, Down syndrome, among many other intellectual disabilities.  One of the creators, Jenny Winningham, is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst with over a decade’s worth of experience with persons of cognitive disabilities.  The second creator is Tomas Krones, a computer programmer dedicated to creating exciting, beneficial apps to support individuals complete daily tasks.

Some of the apps providing social stories and visuals created by Jenny and Tomas are:

  • Wait Timer Social Story and Visual Timer Tool: both a visual and audio tool to help people with waiting.
  • Running Social Story and Visual Tool about When and Where to Run: a simple visual tool or cue to help teach children where it is safe and not safe to run.
  • Manners Social Story and Speech Tool: includes a 10-page story about the importance of manners and how to have proper etiquette.
  • Using My Words to Ask for What I Want Social Story: includes a 13-page social story about using words to ask for what you want by stressing the importance of telling people what you need/want.  The visual tool helps people who are non-verbal to ask for 9 specific things.

NOTE: The Touch Autism app is free to download on the App Store but offers in-app purchases.  For more information on Touch Autism, click here.


  1. Can the app TouchChat be free I always wanted my own words to mess around with. I have autism and I just need it and why does it cost $299.99 dollars I need it what if it’s other people who needs it but they don’t want to pay for it.

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