InterAACt with DynaVox Products


DynaVox is a leading provider for augmentative and alternative communication products and speech generating devices for individuals with a multitude of disabilities worldwide.  Their products are constructed with each consumer’s unique communication needs in mind.  They have products specifically for individuals with cerebral palsy, ALS, autism, stroke/aphasia, neurological conditions, intellectual disabilities and more; whether individuals cannot speak or have limited speech, DynaVox has developed products to make communication a reality for all individuals. 

“As the leading provider of speech-generating devices, our mission is to enable individuals of all ages to develop a greater quality of life through communication, self-expression and independence.”

According to the website, DynaVox states, “…Language must have a framework and structure.  Language is much more than a random collection of words and phrases.  The language framework used on an AAC device should be appropriate for the communicator, meaningful to the recipient and relevant to the environment within which the communication is occurring.”

With DynaVox AAC devices and their InterAACt™ framework:

  • Individuals can communicate immediately and effectively in any situation;
  • Flexibility is an option, allowing communication needs to be met now and later;
  • Users can say the intended message in their own words, quickly, granting them the ability to keep up with conversations in everyday situations;
  • Language is presented in a familiar, natural format using real words for everyday environments.

Along the top of the DynaVox website, you can find reference to InterAACt™ and beneath you’ll see Continuum of Communication, on which you can download the InterAACT™ guide to help you identify the most appropriate device based on each user’s physical and communication needs and abilities.

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