Build your perfect keyboard with RocketKeys

MyVoice Inc. designed RocketKeys, an application available now on the App Store.  The app’s goal is to make communication accessible for everyone; individuals with Autism, ALS, Aphasia, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, MND, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury and more may benefit from this keyboard application.

RocketKeys is a customizable talking keyboard for people with speech disabilities.  This customizable application allows users to create their ideal keyboard by choosing the exact keys, layout, size, prediction, and voices of their choice.  RocketKeys was designed with the understanding of touch input from users with unsteady or imprecise hands, thus the creators made it very physically accessible.

  • Users are able to create the perfect keyboard, tailored for their specific communication needs.  Other assistive keyboards offer just a handful of rigid options that don’t necessarily work for all users; RocketKeys strives to be accessible to all users.

  • Users are able to say more with less effort with RocketKeys’ culturally literate and blazingly fast sentence prediction.  The phrase completion system is designed to support real social conversations, saving up to 75% on keystrokes.  And because it’s based on a groundbreaking analysis of 10 million Twitter tweets, the names, pop-culture references and idioms we use every day are easier to type.  Beyond suggesting next words, the app can often complete words being typed, even if abbreviated or the letters are in wrong order.

  • Easy to get started: RocketKeys comes with great templates to get users going immediately.  Though RocketKeys can be precisely tailored for each user’s personal needs, users can begin with provided templates.  Once a user is ready to start customizing, he or she can choose from five keyboard templates, three color schemes with options of even finer changes.

  • Works for users with blindness and low-vision: individuals with vision challenges, RocketKeys has special features making it easier to communicate.  The on-screen cursor is customizable, showing users what items are being touched on the screen.  High-contrast color schemes help make the keyboard even clearer.  The app can even be used eyes-free, with audio prompts that let the user feel his or her way around the keyboard with voice narration at the speed, pitch, and gender of choice.

  • Great for groups, clinicians and teachers: RocketKeys supports up to 7 different users per iPad.  If you’re either a clinician or a teacher, customizing and testing communication aids for your clients and students is an essential part of your job.  Every user gets his or her own personal settings and keyboard layouts.  In just two taps you can switch user profiles, making it easy to share the device among a group of people.
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